Health Mission

Stress is at the root of many chronic illnesses! 

Many in our society wait too long to address their pains and imbalances in the body!  Most of us are living stressed and anxious lives. How can we take control over our physical and emotional states while living a healthy, fun and purposeful lifestyle?  How can we ensure our bodies and minds hold up in the golden years of our lives? Combat STRESS! 

I am an active person in general.  Sometimes this might annoy other people.  Some of my close friends will gently encourage me to go for a run before meeting so I can get my excess crazy out. I do want this energy to last as I get older, but I know it will take more work and planning on my end to ensure it happens.  I want to be able to play tennis forever and get on the floor with my kids and eventually grandkids (not any time soon!)  My hope for you and me is to take good preventative action NOW to prevent diseases and medical conditions from occurring and/or growing in the future.  Take action now if you are feeling down, sluggish, anxious or unworthy. 

I encourage you to take time for yourself.  Take time to talk to God.  Take time with your significant other. Take time to exercise.  Take time to create and grow friendships.  Take time to stretch.  Take time to eat good and healthy foods.  Take time to read a good book. It all counts!


About ME

Hi, I'm Mimi.  I am a child of God.  I am a mother of 3 kids- Alexander, Katarina and Gabriella.  Their names have 4 syllables and that was done on purpose.  I've been married to my husband Ryan for 12 years and he has been the ultimate guinea pig for all my "new" products and exercise routines over the years.  I think we finally have it dialed in. LOL!

We have a fun, crazy, and hectic life like I'm sure you do! We do our best to stay happy, positive and connected to the deeper world around us, but sometimes we need a little help!  That's where I can guide you!

I graduated from the University of Virginia with a double major in Finance and Marketing.  I wanted a job that paid well.  I thought making a lot of money and working with numbers would make me happy, but it was not my passion.  When I was pregnant with Alexander, I got certified as a group exercise instructor with the YMCA and boy that was a game changer!  I was forever hooked!  I realized health and wellness was my calling!

As a Medical Exercise Specialist, Group Exercise Instructor, Pilates Reformer Instructor, and a Holistic Wellness Coach, my passion is to help others achieve their best lives, encouraging them to take time to find a healthy balance among mind, body, and soul.


Health Questionnaire

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Do daily activities cause you stress and anxiety?  Do you want to have a more intimate marriage?  Are your hormones off?

Take this health questionnaire to get on the road to wholeness. 


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