Detox Program


14-day detox plan

Eat clean, drink minimal alcohol, minimize our caffeine, and let Solle Naturals help speed the progress along to detox and cleanse our bodies! 

The products included in this package are as follows: AmiTox DC, Solle Vital, FasTract and Cinnamate  $119.85 with a $25 gift card (ask me for this).

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Product use:

3 AmiTox in the morning, 3 in the afternoon. All day long drink Solle Vital. If you need a pick me up around 2:00, drink your Cinnamate. At night before bed, take 2 FasTract.

Cinnamate recipe: 1 packet with hot almond milk/water/milk. DELICIOUS- also, a nice substitute for coffee without the caffeine crash!


why should we do this?


  1. Even if we eat well, exercise regularly, and are careful in how we expose ourselves, there are still many toxins in the environment that will affect us on a cellular level.  We cannot control this.
  2. This detox is different as it is addresses detoxing your body, but also benefits your lymphatic system. Not many products do BOTH.
  3. This detox will address and cleanse your organs of elimination- colon, kidneys, lungs, liver, your skin. We need to eliminate up to 2 pounds a day- WOW! Do you do eliminate this much? 
  4. We need to take care of our lymphatic system- we usually ignore it.  If  we don’t pay attention to this system, our immune system will become weaker and eventually we could develop cancer and other illnesses
  5. Will balance blood levels (think periods issues and blood pressure) and will regenerate and protect your liver.
  6. You will gain more energy, have a stronger immune system, and better skin.
  7. This detox doesn’t eliminate the nutrients we need!
  8. It's safe and effective!

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